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Error of the world / COVID-19

Dear friends,

I feel obliged to post something about the recent developments of the COVID 19-situation.

Belgium is currently in lockdown, which means all unnecessary shops are closed, all cultural events are cancelled and all contact with people is limited. For me, that's not a huge problem so far. I'm working at my atelier since the beginning of this month so my contact is already limited.

However, my mother is a caretaker and she works with high risk patients. Since my atelier is just at home (yes, I still live with my parents), she asked me to be careful and not have anyone over for fittings or measurement sessions. This is ofcourse the best option at the moment! Re-enactment events are currently cancelled until the end of March. It's not really certain what happens next. We only have a little market stall and I wish to keep doing this for a long time. I am luckily not entirely dependant on the incomes from fabrics and clothing. But, I will see how things go before I order a bulk of shoes or other objects... Maybe our stall will be a little empty this year, but that's okay: we can fill up the remaining space with good conversations and a lot of laughs! For those who wish to spend the coming weeks with sewing, you can always ask me for a fabric sample and orders will be sent via mail! I know what I am going to do... EYELETS! Stay awesome, safe, healthy and positive!

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