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Schaubes, schaubes schaubes!

Finally finished these late 15th century schaubes! I’ve told you all about the colors on Sunday, now it’s time to tell you about this fairly unknown garment.

As the name already suggests, schaubes originate from Germany. They are however seen in Dutch and Flemish paintings as well! This robe-like piece can be worn by both men and women. I think it’s perfect to wear on a chilly evening or under a cloak on a cold winters day. Artwork shows schaubes with or without fur cuffs and collars, but since this garment is meant to keep you warm, I like a little fur on it.

The pale green schaube is lined with dark chocolate linen and has caramel colored mink fur on the cuffs and collar. This one is up for sale! The bright green schaube is lined with khaki fustian and has a rabbit fur collar. It’s made to order and will soon be worn, once this lockdown is over!

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