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We like to cuddle!

I’m proud to present my 2 best cuddle buddies! They are wonderful photo models too!

I finished this beautiful robe last week. The outer layer is dark blue, almost black wool. For the lining I’ve used royal blue wild silk. The sleeves and hem are finished with white rabbit fur.

Silk is one of the finest fabrics there is. In the medieval period, the material was prized for its aesthetic appeal. The fabric is woven with the spun outer shell of the bombyx mori cocoon, a moth that is native to the Asian area. Around the 9th century, the eggs and larvae of the insects traveled through Turkey to Western Europa. France and Italy became important in the silk production. Because of the rarity of the silk moth, the intensive labour to make silk cloth and the aestethics of the fabric, it was only fit for the higher ranks of society. The use of silk was well defined in numerous sumptuary laws throughout the whole of Europe.

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